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Arcana were handed out as the Blessings for Season 11, one for each team.

Number Name Receiving Team
I The Magician Yellowstone Magic
II The High Priestess Hawai'i Fridays
III The Empress Boston Flowers
IIII The Emperor Dallas Steaks
V The Pope Canada Moist Talkers
VI The Lover New York Millennials
VII The Chariot Unlimited Tacos
VIII Justice Seattle Garages
VIIII The Hermit Philly Pies
X The Wheel of Fortune Charleston Shoe Thieves
XI Strength Tokyo Lift
XII The Hanged Man Hellmouth Sunbeams
XIII Kansas City Breath Mints
XIIII Temperance Chicago Firefighters
XV The Devil Hades Tigers
XVI The Tower Breckenridge Jazz Hands
XVII The Star Miami Dale
XVIII The Moon Houston Spies
XVIIII The Sun Mexico City Wild Wings
XX Judgment San Francisco Lovers
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