Beasley Gloom is a pitcher for the Canada Moist Talkers and has been part of the team since Season 9. Gloom pitched for the Charleston Shoe Thieves for eight and a half seasons before being swapped to the Moist Talkers on Season 9, Day 64 due to Feedback.

Official League Records

Season 3

Gloom pitched for the Charleston Shoe Thieves during The Grand Unslam.

During the Season 3, Day 84 game against the Los Angeles Tacos, Gloom's star rating went from ★½  to ½  after swallowing a stray peanut and having an allergic reaction.

Season 5

At the end of Season 5, the Soul Swap blessing randomized Gloom's pitching stats from ½  to ½ , then again from ½  to ★★½ .

Season 6

On Season 6, Day 43, Gloom siphoned some of Mexico City Wild Wings batter Lawrence Horne's pitching ability in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from ★★½  to ★★★½ 

Season 9

On Season 9, Day 64, Gloom was caught in a Feedback with a Flickering Jaylen Hotdogfingers and swapped to the Canada Moist Talkers.


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He's just the most adorable dog you've ever seen play blaseball! Look at his wittle paws and shoes! We All Love Beasley! Gloom's human was Workman Gloom, who once batted for the Shoe Thieves and the Canada Moist Talkers.

Blaseball Career

Workman Gloom was bringing Beasley Gloom to practice one day when the coach demons of the Shoe Thieves mistook the canine Gloom for a player. He was immediately drafted into blaseball and given an adorably small uniform to match the rest of the team.

It is worth noting that as of time of writing, there is nothing in the rule book that says a dog can't play blaseball. There is also no explicit rule stating that a human being can play blaseball.

Sometime between Seasons 5 and 6, Gloom made the revolutionary discovery that he could simply hold his own leash and go on walks whenever he wanted, taking more frequent and longer walks. On one of these walks around Charleston, he discovered and enrolled in a local gym, taking up weight lifting as a side hobby. The increase in strength and muscle mass led to vastly improved performance over Season 6 and 7, with Gloom rapidly becoming the team's best pitcher, eclipsing even manager and veteran pitcher Cornelius Games. Gloom's new abilities and physical stature also drew commentary from blaseball media, with one journalist saying "that is without a doubt the most ripped dog I have ever seen."

Aside from their late owner, Gloom has formed close relationships with Esme Ramsey, former Shoe Thieves player Joe Voorhees, and fellow canid player Howell Franklin.

Gloom specializes in stealing any shoe that looks tasty.

Fan Art

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