The Blagonballs are artifacts of unknown origin or power, spherical in shape, that were first introduced shortly before Season 4. Currently, each individual blagonball does not seem to exhibit any powers. It is unknown what will happen when all blagonballs are discovered. The total number of blagonballs is unknown, although each blagonball features a different number of droplets of blood.

1-Blood Blagonball

The 1-Blood Blagonball was discovered by the groundskeepers (Discord server moderators) during Season 11 (Tuesday, October 20, 2020).[1] Its location was put under a brief gag order before fans revealed that it was found at the location of the ascended Baltimore Crabs.

2-Blood Blagonball

The 2-Blood Blagonball was discovered on Season 7, Day 7 by Inky Rutledge of the Yellowstone Magic during a game against the Hawai'i Fridays. During the game, Rutledge pitched the first no-hitter of The Discipline Era and found the blagonball shortly after.

The accomplishment was announced by Society for Internet Blaseball Research diviners and revealed by The Commissioner a few hours later.[2]

3-Blood Blagonball

The 3-Blood Blagonball was discovered on Season 4, Day 43 by Sandie Turner of the New York Millennials during a game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. After batting a single, she successfully stole second base, then third base, then home,[3] and found the blagonball shortly after.

While Turner's accomplishment happened on the blaseball field, the blagonball itself was revealed to fans in a tweet by The Commissioner later that day, after Turner's accomplishment was highlighted by the New York Millennials Twitter account.[4]

Later that season, Eizabeth Guerra also accomplished the same feat of stealing three bases in the same inning. However, The Commissioner made a point to highlight that "no Blagonball was found," confirming that the same accomplishment will not produce additional blagonballs.[5]

4-Blood Blagonball

The 4-Blood Blagonball was discovered on Season 10, Day 7 by Simon Haley of the Charleston Shoe Thieves during a game against the Philly Pies. Haley hit the first pentaslam (5-run home run) in the history of Internet League Blaseball and found the blagonball shortly after.[6]

5-Blood Blagonball

The 5-Blood Blagonball was discovered by fans residing in the Bloodhouse during the first extended siesta shortly before Season 4.[7] It was the first blagonball to ever be discovered.

This event was triggered by the Blaseball Patreon account reaching its $5,000 goal. Before the goal was reached, there was no indication what it would reveal, since the $5,000 goal was simply labeled: "something will happen."

9-Blood Blagonball

The 9-Blood Blagonball was discovered on Season 8, Day 61 by Patty Fox of the New York Millennials during a game against the Boston Flowers. Fox pitched four strikeouts in 27 outs, resulting in a perfect game — the first ever during The Discipline Era.[8] Fox discovered the blagonball shortly after.[9]


  • The blagonball is a parody of the dragon ball from the Dragon Ball series. Dragon balls are spheres featuring five-pointed stars ranging from one to seven. Individually they have no powers, but when united they have the ability to summon a dragon who can grant wishes.

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