Cornelius Games is a pitcher for the Charleston Shoe Thieves, and has been with the team since Season 1.

Official League Records

Games in particular maintains one of the lowest ERAs and WHIPs in the league, including pitching an Immaculate Inning against the Hawai'i Fridays in Season Two [citation needed].

On Season 7, Day 38, some of Games' pitching ability was siphoned by Curry Aliciakeyes.

In the Season 10 elections, Games received Noise-Cancelling Headphones, becoming Soundproof.

During the Coffee Cup, Games played for Inter Xpresso as a pitcher.


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Blaseball Career

Radiocarbon dating indicates that Games was born sometime in the Anteumperial Epoch, and almost immediately turned to a life of larceny. After building a successful career as Charleston's best-dressed footwear liberator, he set his sights on the ultimate heist: the large stockpiles of blaseball shoes held by the teams. As part of his plan, he (and others) formed the Shoe Thieves as a front organization, using connections made through his husband to gain a foothold into the blaseball world. The team surprised everyone, themselves included, by being somewhat competent blaseball players.

Also known as the "Big Games Hunter", Games is considered to be one of the Shoe Thieves' most valuable pitchers, displaying this value by pitching in a full three-piece seersucker suit. Games has a flair for the dramatic, and as such allows runs early in games to create tension in the later innings. Every run is intentional.

Games has a reputation for getting outs not by striking out opposing batters but by coaxing them into swinging at pitches that produce easy fielding outs for his teammates. Even experienced batters well known for their plate discipline may be neutralized with this tactic. Games's long time rival and former teammate Workman Gloom said of his pitching style:

The worst thing about batting against Corn is that you really oughta know better. Every time you walk up saying to yourself this time I'm gonna just stand there and take the walk, and every time you tell yourself that this time is different and he's made a mistake and you can get a decent hit off him. And every time, he makes a fool of you. I've known that man longer than almost anyone and somehow, I'm still falling for it, after all these years.

Some cigarette cards have been discovered[1] that appear to depict Games pitching for Charleston as early as 1887, well before the Internet League was established. It is unclear what implications this might have for the history of the game, reality, or Cornelius himself.

Possible Umpire Conspiracy

During Season 3, a rumor began to circulate that Games had a role in orchestrating the incineration of the Boston Flowers' own Isaac Rubberman. Games had been spotted telling Rubberman quote "I will kill you" very shortly beforehand, and after Rubberman's death responded only with "oops."[2] The altercation apparently originated due to the fact that Rubberman's lack of footwear made thievery very difficult. Games adamantly denied any connection to the incineration: "Don’t be ridiculous. If I had that kind of power, Prestige would still be playing today. If The Commissioner himself cannot control these umpires, what makes you think I can?"

After Feedback during Season 4 brought onboard former Flowers player Hotbox Sato, these rumors were put somewhat to bed. Sato, who had previously sworn to seek powerful retribution, came out with a public statement that Games had quote "convinced me that there were larger forces at play in Rubberman's death that I had not considered." As a show of good faith, Sato had been permitted to keep a stolen pair of Games's signature 1920s Nubok Whites, which are now floating lazily in its midsection.

Personal Life

Prior to joining Internet League Blaseball, Cornelius Games met former New York Millennials player Richardson Games at a fashion show. The two bonded over their love of designer suits, vintage footwear, and other clothing, and were soon wed. Cornelius and Richardson Games are both notoriously private, and do not often talk about their marriage. Regardless, a few more details can be gathered.

Local gossip paper The Pickpocket once claimed that an anonymous source had overheard Cornelius teasing Richardson about their "gigantic crush on Don Mitchell." When the Gameses were asked to comment on the subject, they stated in unison, "Who the hell is Don Mitchell?"

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Games specializes in stealing tuxedo shoes. Unlike most of the Shoe Thieves, Games proudly wears and flaunts his pilfered footwear. To combat theft of said kicks by his fellow teammates, Games wears multiple shoes nested inside of one another like a Matroyshka doll.


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