Welcome to the Blaseball Wiki's Editing Guide! Whether you are new to wikis or are an experienced editor, this page will have helpful information to make editing as smooth as possible.

Editing 101

Editing 101 guides cover topics that we think will be useful to most editors. Of these, we'd like to highlight a few guides that we think all editors should understand:

  • Style Guide: This guide covers the writing style and voice we'd like you to maintain while writing in the wiki. A must read.
  • Wikitext: If you're new to editing wikis in general, try this guide. We cover the different text editors and the formatting language that wikis usually use.
  • Collaboration Guidelines and Procedures: This page holds the mandatory guidelines and procedures for contributing to this wiki. If you intend to contribute, you need to familiarize yourself with these instructions before moving forward.
  • Talk Pages: On this wiki, we use the Talk Pages feature to collaborate on writing the lore for all of our players and places. Talk Pages can be a little strange to use at first, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with this guide.

The remaining guides cover more specialized topics, but will still be useful to most editors.

  • Citations: Citations can be a bit tricky, but they're critical to how wikis work: they enrich articles and help verify statements.
  • Images: We love seeing images in the wiki, but they can be a little tricky. This guide walks you through most of the ways you'll want to use images in the wiki.
  • Templates: Wikis make use of "templates", special pages that can be dropped into others. We use these to save time and have consistent designs.

If a topic has not been covered here, you may want to check out Fandom's Community Central, their general hub for wiki support.

Advanced Topics

These guides and tools are for more advanced topics.

Getting Started Tasks

Unless a page is locked, any page on the wiki is free for anybody to edit-- nobody owns any page, though it is good etiquette to reach out to a team's fans before making significant changes. However, if you're not sure where to start, these are a few tasks that we believe are easy jumping off points.

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