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The New York Millennials are a Blaseball team in the Mild High division of the Mild League. For Seasons 1-5, they played in the Chaotic Good division of the Good League. For Season 6-8, they played in the Wild High division of the Wild League. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Season 1, and claim to be "the gayest team in blaseball[1]".




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Season Results

For more detailed recaps of the Millennials' seasons, see New York Millennials/History.

Season Record Division Rank Subleague Rank Postseason
1 46-53 5th 8th Did not qualify
2 44-55 5th 8th Did not qualify
3 70-29 1st 1st Round of 8: Won 3-1 over the Dallas Steaks

Round of 4: Won 3-1 over the San Francisco Lovers

Finals: Lost 3-2 to the Hades Tigers

4 58-41 1st 2nd Round of 8: Won 3-1 over the Dallas Steaks

Round of 4: Won 3-2 over the Chicago Firefighters

Finals: Lost 3-0 to the Hades Tigers

5 64-35 1st 2nd Round of 8: Lost 3-1 to the Chicago Firefighters
6 51-48 4th 5th Did not qualify
7 55-44 4th 4th Round of 8: Lost 3-0 to the Baltimore Crabs
8 50-49 2nd 5th Did not qualify
9 44-55 5th 8th Did not qualify
10 47-52 4th 7th Chosen as Mild League Wild Card entrant.

Wildcard Round: Won 2-0 over the Philly Pies

Round of 8: Won 3-1 over the Canada Moist Talkers

Round of 4: Lost 3-0 to the Charleston Shoe Thieves

11 40-57 4th 9th Did not qualify

Election Results

Season High Bidder On Blessings Won Other Election Effects
1 No data available None None
2 Soul Swap (26%) Soul Swap (26%)

Stats were randomized for the team's five worst players: Theodore Cervantes, Fynn Doyle, Richardson Games, Winnie McCall, and Conrad Vaughan.

The Fourth Strike decree applied Fourth Strike to NYM for Season 3.
3 Evil Wind Sprints (29%) None Exile, won by the Hades Tigers, saw Mclaughlin Scorpler move to the Tigers in exchange for Alyssa Harrell.
4 Evil Wind Sprints (46%) None The Targeted Shame decree applied Targeted Shame to NYM for Season 5.

The Alternate Reality decree replaced Wesley Dudley and Fynn Doyle with Alternates.

The Getting In Their Heads (Literally) blessing, won by the Boston Flowers, impaired the NYM maximum vibes by 7%.

5 Mutual Aid (22%) None None
6 The Best Defense (36%)

Collect Call (25%)

Ooze (3%)

Team power was boosted by 10%.

The Best Defense (36%)

The best hitting pitcher, Bates Bentley, and the worst hitter, Penelope Mathews, swapped positions.

7 The Iffey Jr. (56%) Hot Sauce Packet (2%)

Sandie Turner became Spicy.

The Shame Bubble blessing, won by the Hawai'i Fridays, was applied to NYM for Season 8.
8 Subleague Swap (38%) None The Subleague Swap blessing, won by the Mexico City Wild Wings, moved NYM to the Mild High division.
9 Grab and Smash (42%) None The Fifth Base Bubble blessing, won by the Baltimore Crabs, applied Fifth Base to NYM for Season 10.

The Hot Sauce Bar blessing, won by the Seattle Garages, applied Spicy to Charlatan Seabright.

The Shame Bubble blessing, won by the Boston Flowers, applied Targeted Shame to NYM for Season 10.

10 People's Champions (13%) An Actual Airplane (1%)

Thomas Dracaena gained An Actual Airplane.

Bird Seed (20%)

The Millennials have gained Bird Seed.

The Shelled One's Pods have fallen back to the plane. Alejandro Leaf fell to the Millennials.
11 None VI The Lover (1%)

The Millennials receive VI The Lover.



The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Corporate Sponsorships

After Basethirst's failed launch attempt and mysterious reappearance on shelves, A sponsorship deal was announced on the Millennials twitter account, with Dominic Marijuana acting as the face of the brand. Both the Ceaseless Thirst Corporation and the ownership of the Millennials have refused to comment on whether players other than Marijuana are being paid for the sponsorship, leading to widespread criticism and light rioting from the anti-capitalist wings of the fan base. Dominic avoided backlash from fans and fellow players when it was revealed that his sponsorship money was being used to help Blaseball stadium janitors try out for the New York Blittle League team.

In response to the Basethirst sponsorship, The Millennials Players Union are officially partnered with the Plabst Blue Ribbon Workers' Union.


Team Connections


Hellmouth Sunbeams

An immediate and lasting cross-team friendship was forged with the Hellmouth Sunbeams during the Season 10 Wild Card Round. Both teams were selected as Wild Card representatives, and swept their opposition in parallel to the delight of their combined fanbases. Since then, the teams have become very close, bonding over their love of Blaseball and the Marijuana Brothers, Randall Marijuana and Dominic Marijuana.
The fans thrive in the chaos they collectively create, creating new long acronyms (including LGMASBLDMASDMASADWCBLDWC, “Let’s Go Mills And Sunbeams Baby Love Da Mills And Sunbeams Da Mills And Sunbeams Are Da Wild Cards Baby Love Da Wild Cards”) and mashups of team chants such as "WHOSE BONES? NOT OURS WE RENT!" and "STARE INTO THE HOUSE! THE RENT STARES BACK!".
Following Season 10, the teams signed a lease together and are now long-distance roommates.

Fan Culture

For more on the Millennialls' mascots, see New York Millennials/Fan Culture.


  • Call: "WHOSE HOUSE?"
    • Response: "NOT OURS WE RENT"
  • "[name/pronoun]'S WALKIN' HERE" (after a walk)
  • "BAN GROUND" (after a ground out)
  • "IT'S LIT" (bases loaded)
  • "FLY THE AVO" (after a win)
  • Player-Specific Chants:

Fan Art

For more Millennialls' fan art, see New York Millennials/Fan Art.

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