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New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III and That Coin, Probably is an ongoing class-action lawsuit related to Rule 6(h) of the Book of Blaseball and the alleged failure by the Commissioner to fulfill the rule as written after the Season 10 Election.

Background[edit | edit source]

Eat the Rich was a Decree in the Season 3 Election to redistribute funds from the league's top 1% of fans to the remaining 99%, passing with 33% of the vote along with Interviews. "So the people have spoken, so it shall continue" was listed as part of the Election results, and the rule was formally listed in the Book after the Season 4 Finals to clarify that the rulemaking was permanent.

In past seasons, Eat the Rich occurred approximately at the same time as the Election. After the events of the Season 10 Election, there was a siesta to account for and correct paradoxical Election results, which took place over the time when Eat the Rich normally redistributes wealth.

During the Election, the new ownership of the ILB announced the deal that took place, the promotion of then-Intern Commissioner Parker MacMillan III to CEO Commissioner, and an Era of "Fair Play".

Proceedings[edit | edit source]

The New York Millennials filed a class-action lawsuit alleging wire fraud on behalf of the 99% in Immaterial Plane Superior Court, naming the Commissioner and "That Coin, Probably a/k/a the Boss" as defendants, supported by counsel from the Wild Wings Legal Team and others. The Wild Wings Legal Team were previously plaintiffs in Mexico City Wild Wings v. The Blaseball Gods, which was dismissed by the Commissioner after a counter-suit.

The Millennials allege that failure to enact Eat the Rich after Season 10 was fraudulent and, because the fraud was performed over the Internet, constituted wire fraud. They claimed damages of 1,000 Coins per fan as well as loss of housing and health burden. In addition to repayment of Coins, the Millennials demanded a jury trial, legal fees, and 2 baserunning stars for Thomas Dracaena. Counsel identified the doctrine of promissory estoppel to avoid the Commissioner from outright dismissing the lawsuit as simply a broken promise and not fraud or a breach of contract.

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the Commissioner responded to the lawsuit on Twitter, demanding a "fair" trial in Sunbeams Court[1], which had most recently held proceedings on the Bonecourse. Groundskeeper Sins, who presided over the Bonecourse trial, was named Judge and Jury, and the trial is expected to take place over the Grand Siesta following Season 11[2].

Docket[edit | edit source]

New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III and That Coin, Probably, No. 11-cv-99%-SINS (Hellmouth, Season 11).

No. Date Filed Description Document
1 21 Oct 2020 COMPLAINT filed against Defendant(s) Parker MacMillan III and That Coin, Probably with JURY DEMAND. Main
2 21 Oct 2020 NOTICE of Appearance by Defendant Parker MacMillan III. Main
21 Oct 2020 CASE ASSIGNED to Sunbeams Court and Judge-Keeper Sins.
3 21 Oct 2020 Brief amici curiae by The Association of Unaffiliated Blase ball Fans of the Immaterial Plane filed. Main
4 22 Oct 2020 Brief amici curiae by Youni B. Jazzhand Esq. filed. Main
5 22 Oct 2020 Brief amici curiae by The Blase ball Wiki filed. Main

References[edit | edit source]

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