Parker Meng is a pitcher for the San Francisco Lovers, and has been with the team since Season 1.

Official League Records[edit | edit source]

Parker Meng received the Alternate modification from the Alternate Realities decree at the end of Season 4; all her stats were randomized, and her pitching went from ★★★  to ★★★½ .

On Season 5, Day 8, the Lovers' rotation was shuffled in the Reverb while Parker pitching, and due to her new place in the rotation she also pitched the next game, making Parker the first pitcher in ILB history to pitch two consecutive games.

On Season 9, Day 98, Parker partied, raising her pitching from ★★★½  to ★★★★ .

During the Coffee Cup, Meng played for Inter Xpresso as a pitcher.

History[edit | edit source]


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The Two Parkers[edit | edit source]

At the end of season 4, the Parker Meng who originally joined the San Francisco Lovers — Parker Meng Prime — was swapped with the Parker Meng from another universe, the Tough Love Dimension. Tough Love Parker Meng — also called "Alt Parker", "Suave Parker", or "Mirror Parker" — is the Parker Meng currently playing on the Lovers.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Meng was born in San Francisco in the Tough Love Dimension. Confident and athletic, she started forming a sprawling polycule in college, starting with her crush Helga Moreno. After college, she and a friend with their own large polycule, the Tough Lover Dimension's version of Knight Triumphant, agreed to a friendly (though fiercely contested) blase ball game between their two polycules. Meng's polycule won, but the players found the game so exciting they combined to form a professional team., with Meng as captain. The resulting team — the Tough Lovers — was dominant in their dimension's Internet Blase ball League, winning three championships in the league's first four seasons.

Upon arriving in our reality, Mirror Parker (so-called specifically because she's constantly wearing a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses) accepted Triumphant's leadership of the team but told them she was coming for their spot. The Tough Lovers had a much more competitive ethos than the Lovers from this universe, embodied by Meng. When she first arrived, she pressured other Lovers, notably Percival Wheeler, into stricter training regimens and a different, more cutthroat on field attitude, sparking frequent disagreements with Triumphant.

This conflict came to a head in the season 5 playoffs; when Milo Brown started giving up runs in game five of the semifinals, Meng ultimately agreed with Triumphant that supporting him was more important than winning the game at any cost. Since then, Meng has remained fiercely competitive but been more easy-going with her teammates.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Parker is a transgender woman, a lesbian, and polyamorous. Since coming to this dimension, she has been romantically linked with Helga, Ortiz Lopez, and Percival Wheeler on the Lovers, as well as Lou Roseheart and Farrell Seagull.

She briefly met Parker Prime (thanks to Lou Roseheart's time travel powers) and made out with her alternate self. Since then she has taken the opportunity to make out with several other Parkers, notably while traveling in Los Angeli with Wyatt Quitter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After giving up a few high-profile home runs to mir, Meng considers Baby Triumphant her nemesis. She believes mi has some secret knowledge about her curveball that renders it ineffective against mir.
  • Meng's signature pitch, the Parallel Parker, is a breaking called so-called because, as Parker puts it, "I can slide it on in to any spot in the strike zone."
  • Meng coaches a blittle league blase ball team, the Poly Youth Good Friends, a post she inherited from Parker Prime.

Fan Art[edit | edit source]

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