Party Time is a condition in which Blaseball teams who are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention must constantly party.

In Season 6, the decree called Enhanced Party Time was enacted, which means that any player whose team is eliminated from playoff contention has a chance of "Partying" and earning a permanent stat boost to a random stat during any active game for the remainder of the season. This typically means that the lowest ranked teams experience general improvements to their team during the last 10-20 games of the regular season.

History[edit | edit source]

During the end of the Season 2 regular season, Umpire Sunman commented on the games by describing Party Time: [1]


During the end of the Season 4 regular season, The Commissioner tweeted: [2]

As the race for the postseason tightens, some clarification for new fans:

In Internet League Blase ball, teams that are eliminated from playoff contention immediately enter #PARTYTIME.

They can never stop.

Season 5 Speedrun[edit | edit source]

The Unlimited Tacos saw an especially terrible Season 5, ending the regular season with a record of 23 Wins to 76 Losses. This resulted in the Tacos achieving Party Time by Day 78 (Thursday, September 3), the fastest of any team by far to date. Many Tacos fans characterized this as a "speedrun," elevating the team's failure at Blase ball into a resounding success among the community. The Blaseball Beat later wrote of the event: "the fan-favorite Unlimited Tacos captured hearts and minds with a historic Regular Season Speed Run, reaching #PARTYTIME faster than any team ever before."[3]

Season 7 Speedrun[edit | edit source]

The Boston Flowers saw an unfortunate Season 7 record, achieving Party Time by Day 76 (Thursday, September 17) — beating the Unlimited Tacos record by two games. This was the first season under the effects of the Enhanced Party Time decree that gives teams in Party Time a chance at receiving permanent player stat boosts, which makes an early Party Time strategically advantageous.

Season 9 Speedrun[edit | edit source]

After the unfortunate shelling of star batter York Silk, the Hawai'i Fridays set a new record in Season 9, entering Enhanced Party Time on Day 73 (Thursday, October 8) with a record of 17 Wins to 56 Losses at the time of entry. After ending the season with a 21-78 record, the Fridays were then chosen via Wild Card to be the fifth seed in the Season 9 Playoffs for the Mild League.

Party Occurrences[edit | edit source]

Season 7 (Total: 64)

79King WeathermanBoston Flowers
81Gloria BugsnaxBoston Flowers
83Dunn KeyesBoston Flowers
86Jacob HaynesBoston Flowers
86Margarito NavaBoston Flowers
86Gloria BugsnaxBoston Flowers
86King WeathermanBoston Flowers
89Rat MasonUnlimited Tacos
91Sexton WheererUnlimited Tacos
91Eduardo WoodmanPhilly Pies
91Peanut HollowayPhilly Pies
91Ruslan GreatnessPhilly Pies
92Juice CollinsHawai'i Fridays
92Castillo TurnerBoston Flowers
92Dunn KeyesBoston Flowers
92Wyatt PothosUnlimited Tacos
92Inez OwensBoston Flowers
93Wyatt PothosUnlimited Tacos
93Vito KravitzUnlimited Tacos
93Nolanestophia PattersonPhilly Pies
93Elvis FigueroaPhilly Pies
93Quack EnjoyableCanada Moist Talkers
94Quack EnjoyableCanada Moist Talkers
94Jasmine WashingtonMiami Dale
94Basilio FigUnlimited Tacos
94Reese ClarkHouston Spies
94Fitzgerald BlackburnHouston Spies
95Wyatt PothosUnlimited Tacos
95Nic WinklerBoston Flowers
95Reese ClarkHouston Spies
95Ruslan GreatnessPhilly Pies
95Ronan JayleeDallas Steaks
95Gallup CruellerDallas Steaks
95Avila GuzmanMiami Dale
95Randy DennisMiami Dale
96Oscar DollieYellowstone Magic
96Kennedy CenaPhilly Pies
96Nicholas MoraPhilly Pies
96Yeong-Ho BenitezPhilly Pies
96Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
96Jesús KochCanada Moist Talkers
96Hiroto CernaBoston Flowers
97Beans McBlaseCanada Moist Talkers
97Peanut HollowayPhilly Pies
97Sixpack SantiagoMiami Dale
97Hiroto CernaBoston Flowers
97Nic WinklerBoston Flowers
97Wyatt PothosUnlimited Tacos
97Mcdowell MasonUnlimited Tacos
97Leach HermanDallas Steaks
98Baby TriumphantChicago Firefighters
98Cannonball SportsMiami Dale
98Nicholas MoraPhilly Pies
98Alston CervezaCanada Moist Talkers
98Peanutiel DuffyHades Tigers
98Spears TaylorHades Tigers
98Mummy MelconHades Tigers
99Greer LottCanada Moist Talkers
99Alston CervezaCanada Moist Talkers
99Summers PonyDallas Steaks
99Margarito NavaBoston Flowers
99Castillo TurnerBoston Flowers
99Jordan HildebertHouston Spies
99Valentine GamesHouston Spies

Season 8 (Total: 68)

84Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
84Leach IngramKansas City Breath Mints
86Yeong-Ho GarciaYellowstone Magic
86Evelton McBlase IIHouston Spies
86Oscar VaughanKansas City Breath Mints
86PolkaDot ZavalaKansas City Breath Mints
87Grey AlvaradoKansas City Breath Mints
87Wyatt PothosUnlimited Tacos
87Curry AliciakeyesYellowstone Magic
88Hewitt BestKansas City Breath Mints
88James MoraHawai'i Fridays
88Patel BeyonceUnlimited Tacos
89Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
89Eizabeth GuerraKansas City Breath Mints
89Pitching MachineUnlimited Tacos
89Basilio FigUnlimited Tacos
89Aldon CashmoneyHawai'i Fridays
90Halexandrey WaltonUnlimited Tacos
90Basilio MasonUnlimited Tacos
90Wyatt QuitterUnlimited Tacos
90James MoraHawai'i Fridays
90Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
90Elijah ValenzuelaHawai'i Fridays
91Collins MelonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
91Holden StantonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
91Washer BarajasYellowstone Magic
91Francisca SasquatchUnlimited Tacos
91Raúl LealMiami Dale
92Raúl LealMiami Dale
92Helga MorenoSan Francisco Lovers
92Atlas GuerraKansas City Breath Mints
92Kathy MathewsBreckenridge Jazz Hands
93Marquez ClarkKansas City Breath Mints
93Cedric SpliffCanada Moist Talkers
93Bevan UnderbuckHawai'i Fridays
94Basilio MasonUnlimited Tacos
94Sandford GarnerSan Francisco Lovers
94Helga MorenoSan Francisco Lovers
94Marco StinkKansas City Breath Mints
94Walton SportsBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Agan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
95Peanut BongMiami Dale
95Mcdowell MasonUnlimited Tacos
96Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath Mints
96Ortiz LopezSan Francisco Lovers
96Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
97Fish SummerCanada Moist Talkers
97Holden StantonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
97Basilio MasonUnlimited Tacos
97Knight TriumphantSan Francisco Lovers
97Don MitchellSan Francisco Lovers
98Collins MelonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
98Marquez ClarkKansas City Breath Mints
98Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
98Velasquez AlstottCharleston Shoe Thieves
98Blood HamburgerCharleston Shoe Thieves
98Alejandro LeafUnlimited Tacos
98Basilio FigUnlimited Tacos
98Basilio MasonUnlimited Tacos
98Alexander HorneSan Francisco Lovers
98York SilkHawai'i Fridays
99Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath Mints
99Wesley PooleChicago Firefighters
99Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
99Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
99Stu TrolololCharleston Shoe Thieves
99Commissioner VaporCanada Moist Talkers
99Ortiz MorseCanada Moist Talkers

Season 9 (Total: 77)

74Baldwin BreadwinnerHawai'i Fridays
76Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
77Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
78Spears TaylorHades Tigers
79Yeong-Ho GarciaYellowstone Magic
80Cory TwelveYellowstone Magic
82Juice CollinsHawai'i Fridays
83Spears TaylorHawai'i Fridays
83Stevenson HeatHawai'i Fridays
83Sandie TurnerNew York Millennials
83Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
84Patty FoxNew York Millennials
85Nandy FantasticNew York Millennials
85Logan RodriguezYellowstone Magic
86Andrew SolisNew York Millennials
86Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
87Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
87Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
88Patel BeyonceUnlimited Tacos
90Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
90Wyatt QuitterUnlimited Tacos
91Ronan CombsMexico City Wild Wings
91Stephanie WintersMexico City Wild Wings
92Christian CombsHawai'i Fridays
92Stevenson HeatHawai'i Fridays
92Wyatt DovenpartUnlimited Tacos
92Charlatan SeabrightNew York Millennials
92Jesús KochCanada Moist Talkers
93Basilio FigUnlimited Tacos
93Inky RutledgeYellowstone Magic
93Sam ScandalDallas Steaks
93Summers PrestonMexico City Wild Wings
94Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
94Christian CombsHawai'i Fridays
94Grey AlvaradoKansas City Breath Mints
94Inky RutledgeYellowstone Magic
94Alston CervezaCanada Moist Talkers
95PolkaDot ZavalaKansas City Breath Mints
95Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
95Sexton WheererUnlimited Tacos
95Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
95Wyatt GloverYellowstone Magic
96Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
96Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
96Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath Mints
96Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
96PolkaDot PattersonCanada Moist Talkers
96Francisca SasquatchUnlimited Tacos
96Logan RodriguezYellowstone Magic
97Lachlan SheltonCanada Moist Talkers
97Fynn DoyleNew York Millennials
97Fynn DoyleNew York Millennials
97Ziwa MuellerCanada Moist Talkers
97Alexander HorneSan Francisco Lovers
97Marco StinkKansas City Breath Mints
97James MoraHawai'i Fridays
97Caleb AlvaradoChicago Firefighters
98Eugenia GarbageCanada Moist Talkers
98Fish SummerCanada Moist Talkers
98NaNMexico City Wild Wings
98Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
98Lawrence HorneMexico City Wild Wings
98Cell BarajasMexico City Wild Wings
98Parker MengSan Francisco Lovers
98Lowe ForbesBreckenridge Jazz Hands
98Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
99Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
99Mooney Doctor IIKansas City Breath Mints
99Fletcher YamamotoHawai'i Fridays
99James MoraHawai'i Fridays
99Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
99Yosh CarpenterSan Francisco Lovers
99Mullen PetersonChicago Firefighters
99Commissioner VaporCanada Moist Talkers
99Ren HunterNew York Millennials
99Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
99Cory RossDallas Steaks

Season 10 (Total: 69)

82Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
82Sutton BishopHellmouth Sunbeams
83Curry AliciakeyesYellowstone Magic
84Dudley MuellerHellmouth Sunbeams
84Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
85Baldwin BreadwinnerHawai'i Fridays
86Alyssa HarrellHawai'i Fridays
86Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
87Sandoval CrossingHellmouth Sunbeams
88Inky RutledgeYellowstone Magic
88Francisco PrestonYellowstone Magic
89Bevan WiseYellowstone Magic
89Conner HaleyDallas Steaks
89Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
89Dudley MuellerHellmouth Sunbeams
90Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
90Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
91Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
91Summers PonySeattle Garages
91Zack SandersHellmouth Sunbeams
92Spears TaylorHawai'i Fridays
92Stevenson HeatHawai'i Fridays
92Theodore CervantesNew York Millennials
92Cory RossDallas Steaks
92Sam ScandalDallas Steaks
93Arturo HuertaSeattle Garages
93Greer GwiffinSeattle Garages
93Rai SpliffDallas Steaks
93Rai SpliffDallas Steaks
93Dickerson MorseKansas City Breath Mints
93Lars TaylorHellmouth Sunbeams
94Stephens LightnerBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Conrad VaughanBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Lowe ForbesBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Agan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Sutton BishopHellmouth Sunbeams
94Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
94Alyssa HarrellHawai'i Fridays
95Eugenia BickleHellmouth Sunbeams
95Nagomi NavaHellmouth Sunbeams
95Kline GreenlemonDallas Steaks
95Dickerson MorseDallas Steaks
95Francisco PrestonYellowstone Magic
95Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
96Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
96Stephanie WintersMexico City Wild Wings
96Durham SpacemanSeattle Garages
96Arturo HuertaSeattle Garages
96Curry AliciakeyesYellowstone Magic
96Theodore CervantesNew York Millennials
96Qais DogwalkerMiami Dale
96Qais DogwalkerMiami Dale
96Wesley PooleChicago Firefighters
97Fynn DoyleNew York Millennials
97Theodore CervantesNew York Millennials
97Orville MancoDallas Steaks
98Evelton McBlase IIHawai'i Fridays
98Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
98Allison AbbottDallas Steaks
98Steph WeeksBreckenridge Jazz Hands
98Agan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
99Durham SpacemanSeattle Garages
99Francisco PrestonYellowstone Magic
99Charlatan SeabrightNew York Millennials
99Conrad VaughanBreckenridge Jazz Hands
99Lowe ForbesBreckenridge Jazz Hands
99Gallup CruellerDallas Steaks
99Dickerson MorseDallas Steaks
99Qais DogwalkerMiami Dale

Season 11 (Total: 77)

74Nandy SlumpsTokyo Lift
74Yusef FenestrateTokyo Lift
74Elwin McGheeTokyo Lift
76Cudi Di BatterinoTokyo Lift
79Yusef FenestrateTokyo Lift
79Summers PrestonMexico City Wild Wings
79Fran BeansMexico City Wild Wings
80Cell BarajasMexico City Wild Wings
81Grollis ZephyrTokyo Lift
82Joshua WatsonMexico City Wild Wings
83Wyatt QuitterUnlimited Tacos
85Yusef PuddlesPhilly Pies
85Mullen PetersonMexico City Wild Wings
85Brock WatsonMexico City Wild Wings
86Rafael DavidsMexico City Wild Wings
87Lance SerotoninTokyo Lift
87Summers PrestonMexico City Wild Wings
88Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
88Silvia RugratMexico City Wild Wings
88Rafael DavidsMexico City Wild Wings
88Rafael DavidsMexico City Wild Wings
89Jaxon BuckleyPhilly Pies
90Lance SerotoninTokyo Lift
90Jode PrestonPhilly Pies
91Qais DogwalkerMiami Dale
91Jaxon BuckleyPhilly Pies
91Nic WinklerBoston Flowers
91Andrew SolisNew York Millennials
91Felix GarbageNew York Millennials
92Farrell SeagullPhilly Pies
92Qais DogwalkerMiami Dale
92Chambers SimmonsBoston Flowers
92Scores BaserunnerBoston Flowers
92Gerund PantheocideTokyo Lift
92Gerund PantheocideTokyo Lift
92Felix GarbageNew York Millennials
92Schneider BendieNew York Millennials
93Lang RichardsonPhilly Pies
93Bright ZimmermanPhilly Pies
93Randy DennisMiami Dale
93Wyatt PothosBreckenridge Jazz Hands
93Charlatan SeabrightNew York Millennials
93Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
94Tamara CrankitBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Ruslan GreatnessPhilly Pies
95Steph WeeksBreckenridge Jazz Hands
95Margarito NavaBoston Flowers
96Jasmine WashingtonMiami Dale
96Washer BarajasYellowstone Magic
96Jaxon BuckleyPhilly Pies
96Ronan CombsMexico City Wild Wings
96Inez OwensBoston Flowers
97Theodore CervantesNew York Millennials
97Lotus MangoTokyo Lift
97Lance SerotoninTokyo Lift
97Henry MarshallowPhilly Pies
97Helga WashingtonKansas City Breath Mints
98Jode PrestonPhilly Pies
98Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
98Curry AliciakeyesYellowstone Magic
98Francisca SasquatchMiami Dale
98Cannonball SportsMiami Dale
98Rivers ClembonsMiami Dale
98Castillo TurnerBoston Flowers
99Fynn DoyleNew York Millennials
99Alejandro LeafNew York Millennials
99Felix GarbageNew York Millennials
99Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
99Castillo TurnerBoston Flowers
99Chambers SimmonsBoston Flowers
99Scores BaserunnerBoston Flowers
99Moses MasonBoston Flowers
99Ruslan GreatnessPhilly Pies
99Steph WeeksBreckenridge Jazz Hands
99Elijah ValenzuelaBreckenridge Jazz Hands
99Agan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
99Yeong-Ho GarciaYellowstone Magic

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