Sebastian Townsend was a lineup player for the Charleston Shoe Thieves who began playing in Season 1. Townsend was incinerated on Season 3 Day 40, and replaced by Atlas Jonbois.

Official League Records

Townsend had no notable events in the official record books.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Townsend exactly resembled Skeletor, the villain of the Masters of the Universe cartoon and toy line. This is irrelevant, and no further inquiries into Townsend's relationship to Skeletor should be raised.

Townsend was known for their distinctive style of batting with their own forehead instead of a bat, resulting in a lower than average number of hits. According to Townsend, the materials used in most batting equipment caused a severe allergic reaction in one or more of their skins, which led to the formation of their batting technique.

Townsend specialized in stealing clogs.

Townsend was reported to have been incinerated by rogue umpires in mid-Season 3.[1] There is speculation that Townsend's incineration was staged or a hoax, with Townsend taking on the identity of Sebastian Woodman.[2] This rumor has been dispelled by Blaseball historians and Shoe Thieves fans. Townsend was replaced by newcomer Atlas Jonbois, who themselves was incinerated by rogue umpires three days later.

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