The Discipline Era is the First era of Blaseball. It was declared by the Blaseball Gods beginning at the end of Season 1, as a direct consequence of Opening the Forbidden Book. It culminated in Season 10, Day X, which saw the defeat of The Shelled One.

The meaning or purpose of Discipline has never been explicitly stated, but it is widely understood to be an era marked by Blaseball fans undertaking forbidden acts and generally engaging in un-discipline.


The Discipline Era has seen several periods, or subtitles, to distinguish it in history. The names of these periods were also declared by the Blaseball Gods. In the eyes of Blaseball fans, they have been visible as subtitles to the site header.

  1. Peanut Plague
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Drought
  4. Feedback
  5. Reverb
  6. Idols
  7. Getting Shelled
  8. Rest In Violence
  9. Forecast
  10. Backdraft

The Four Strikes

The Strikes were first mentioned by The Peanut following the semi-finals of the Season 3 Internet Series. Most mention of the Strikes thus far have come from The Peanut, and there is reason to believe that The Peanut is the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner regarding whatever the Strikes entail (as opposed to other cosmic entities such as the Blaseball Gods). Much like the basic rules of Blaseball, it is an implied threat that Three Strikes means that all participants will be "out" and a dreadful punishment shall be delivered. However, during Season 6 fans learned that there are in fact Four Strikes before the ultimate consequences.

The First Strike

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The Season 1 decree, Open the Forbidden Book, was described in the season's election as: "It is Forbidden." The decree passed at the end of the season with 61% of all decree votes.

During the semi-finals of the Season 3 Internet Series, The Peanut appeared and spoke to all fans, saying, "THE BOOK WAS STRIKE ONE" followed by, "YOU WILL LEARN DISCIPLINE." This event further demonstrated the causal link between The Discipline Era and the chaotic actions of Blaseball fans.

The Second Strike

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In early Season 3, insider traitors committed Peanut Fraud by exploiting an unlawful method to give themselves infinite quantities of peanuts and coins; thereby killing splortsmanship (and the website) and plunging Blaseball into a state of Blasphemy and Uncertainty.

During the semi-finals of the Season 3 Internet Series, The Peanut appeared and spoke to all fans, saying, "THE FRAUD IS STRIKE TWO."

The Third Strike

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From Season 3 to Season 6, the majority of fans believed that a Third Strike would cause something terrible to happen, and fans frequently displayed both additional caution and additional brazenness regarding any activity that they believed could invite the judgement of a Third Strike. Discussion of the plan to resurrect Jaylen Hotdogfingers in Season 6 was also frequently speculated to be inviting the Third Strike.

During the Season 5 Internet Series, The Peanut delivered another message stating: "MY PROGENY. MY PODS. HONOR THEM TO HONOR ME." When the next season introduced Idols, some fans made the connection that The Peanut's progeny might be the three players transformed into peanuts due to the Dan-Peanut ReplacementPeanut Bong, Peanut Holloway, and Peanutiel Duffy. A plan was formulated to organize fans to manipulate the Idol leaderboards and get these three players to the Top 3 rankings by the end of the season, in order to fulfill The Peanut's demands.

As the Season 6 neared Day 99, fans had successfully raised Peanut Bong to the leaderboard's 3rd place ranking. However, the other two peanut players did not reach the 1st and 2nd place spots in time for The Peanut's deadline, with Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel holding those top two ranks. The Peanut made an appearance shortly after Day 99's final game of the regular season, stating:


The Fourth Strike

In Season 6, shortly after the final game of the regular season, The Peanut made its appearance to inform the fans of Strike Three. The Peanut parted with only the final warning:


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