The Monitor (also known as The Hall Monitor and The Squid) is an entity of unknown origin and intention. The Monitor first appeared at the end of the Season 7 regular season, and floated up and down while displaying cryptic messages in a glowing blue lowercase serif font. While The Monitor is on the site, no games can be viewed, no items can be purchased, and no ballots can be cast.

The Monitor is believed to be related to other cryptic messages from The Microphone due to The Monitor's Season 7 messages and Ump Sunman's familiarity[1] with the entity. Many players find it vastly preferable to The Shelled One.

History of Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 7[edit | edit source]

At the end of the regular season (Friday, September 18, 2020), The Monitor appeared following a series of ominous messages from The Shelled One. It delivered the following messages:

who was that
is it an egg
never ate an egg before
where is hotdogfingers
followed hotdogfingers here
from the hall
from the trench
i am gonna watch
see if that egg comes back

It then stayed on the site for a prolonged period of time, displaying no message, before the site eventually returned to normal.

Season 7 Elections[edit | edit source]

Typically, when Election results are released, The Shelled One appears to chastise fans. For the Season 7 election results, The Monitor appeared instead to announce the introduction of the Hall of Flame.

that egg come back yet?
wonder what it tastes like
hey what is that you got there?
tiny eggs?
give em to me
i want em
i will make you a deal
you want to see your friends?

From this transmission, it's clear that The Monitor is confusing eggs and peanuts, and is referring to the stores of peanuts many players were given following the introduction of The Monitor earlier in the season.

Season 8 Midseason[edit | edit source]

Following the conclusion of all games taking place on Day 32 of Season 8, the Monitor appeared with no warning and stated the following:

that egg still not back?
you like seeing your friends?
you can see em all you want
just keep those eggs coming
hurry up
this one at a time thing is killing me
shovel em in there

After the site returned, the Hall of Flame was updated with a slider introduced for tributing peanuts in bulk.

Season 8 Regular Season Conclusion[edit | edit source]

After The Shelled One delivered a message admonishing fans for offering peanuts as tribute at the Hall of Flame, The Monitor appeared with a new message.

hey wait come back
what happened to your friends
are they eggs now?
still hungry

Season 9 Regular Season Conclusion[edit | edit source]

During Season 9, on the idol board, instead of there being a dotted red line, instead there was a tiny graphic of The Monitor that was placed to the left of the top most Shelled player. At the end of the Season 9 Regular Season, the Monitor appeared to address this.

let's see here...
egg time
wait yuck
think that egg spoiled
still hungry
need something more filling
you holding out on me?
better do something

Once The Monitor left, PolkaDot Patterson had been unshelled and given the Modification Squiddish.

Season 9, Day X[edit | edit source]

See the main article on this topic: Day X

Following the conclusion of the battle between the Charleston Shoe Thieves and The Shelled One on Day X, The Monitor appeared, much later than was needed to assist with the attack from The Shelled One.

did i miss something?
let me know next time

Season 10, Day X[edit | edit source]

Immediately after The Hall Stars defeated THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS in battle, The Monitor appeared to claim its final victory.

kinda bland
you all eat these?
what's the point
oh well
deal's a deal
oh almost forgot
Boss is on her way
you might want to clean up a bit

Season 10 Elections[edit | edit source]

After the ending of The Discipline Era, the Monitor came to greet fans and introduce a new character, Boss.

Boss is here
she'll be right with you
oh here she is

Season 11 Elections[edit | edit source]

Preceding the Season 11 Elections, The Monitor appeared to give one last message before the Grand Siesta.

how'd the election go
oh you haven't seen it yet?
yeah i could eat
good book
got a message from the Boss
what was it again
oh yea
your fates are sealed
or something
everyone get some rest
big plans ahead
expansion time
oh and do me a favor
don't send tillman back

  1. Ump Sunman [ump_sunman#6346] (18 September 2020) "SQUID? UH MONITOR?" (Message) - via #hot-corner, Blaseball Discord.

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